Kahmann Frilla Lichtwerbung GmbH

addressAusserfurth 24 A-3033 Altlengbach
phone+43 2774 76 777
fax+43 2774 76 777 28

company profile

Kahmann-Frilla Lichtwerbung GmbH is a result of the fusion Kahmann Lichtwerbung GmbH und Frilla AG, both marketing leaders in Austria, in the year 2001. Both companies could boast 30 years‘ experience in the production of illuminated advertising, during which time large scale and highly complex projects were carried out on schedule for both national and international clients. These days the company counts among the eight leading European manufacturers of illuminated advertising and commands established partners in all the important central European markets.

The merger enabled the company to unite the different strengths of the respective partners under one roof. One of company‘s strong points is its ability to handle both very large projects as well as individual smaller ones without any problems.


The range of products/services is comprised of the manufacture and assembly of interior and exterior illuminated advertising and can vary from a single illuminated sign to complete illuminated advertising sets and orientation systems or a varied palette of products made from plexiglass for product presentations such as illuminated cabinets, displays or light tables.

Kahmann-Frilla Lichtwerbung together with its partners can supply nationwide full service concepts for illuminated advertising media – a sector undergoing massive growth, especially for corporate clients.

The service portfolio is comprised of:
 - detailed needs analysis
 - planning and development of discerning yet economic advertising media which are energy saving, low maintenance or modular systems for future network modifications
 - design development for display elements
 - planning and implementation of projects regardless of size
 - production and fitting of advertising media
 - logistics
 - comprehensive maintenance: service/maintenance, repairs, spare parts and stockkeeping as well as cleaning