SW Umwelttechnik Stoiser & Wolschner AG

zip codeA-9021
phone+43 463 32 109 0
fax+43 463 37 667
export countriesGermany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria

company profile

SW Umwelttechnik boasts sites in Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Founded in 1910 as a family business the company was listed on the Viennese stock exchange in 1997.The company supplies economically and ecologically efficient products in the areas of water/waste water, infrastructure and renewable energies.Its regional spread of production sites enables satisfying local needs in terms of environmental solutions as well as being able to cater for client wishes with a high degree of flexibility. SW Umwelttechnik has always built on sustainability.


Business stream water pollution control
The business stream of water pollution control encompasses products to safeguard ground water, rivers and lakes, to clean waste water and to protect drinking water supplies by using rain water.

Business stream engineering
This business stream with activities in the areas of sewage plant construction, canal, flood control and drinking water supply includes the function of prime contractor for products in this area. Rental and sale of real estate also falls into this area.

Business stream infrastructure
The business stream infrastructure includes products for energy and transport, trade and industry as well as natural building materials (prefabricated parts such as bridges, foundations, columns, masts, wall systems, halls constructions and stones encased in timber (SW Isospan)).